School News

Now that we have confirmation the grade 4 students will be moving to Maplehurst next year, we are doing an order for grad hoodies.  These hoodies will have the student signatures on the back.  If you are interested, please place your order on school cash online.  It will open tomorrow (February 1st) and close on Friday February 9th.  The cost is $40.00.  We are doing a fast turnaround date as it takes 4-6 weeks for delivery.   Also, we will be doing a rerun on the grad hoodies for grade 5 students.  If you forgot to order on the last run and would like to order, please go to school cash online.  The dates and price are the same as above.  
The following theme days are scheduled for the week: Monday Jan 22nd– Sports Day- Wear a team jersey, sweater or shirt with a local or professional sports team logo.    Tuesday Jan 23rd– Dress as a teacher!  Extra challenge to the teachers and EA’s to dress as STUDENTS!!    Wednesday Jan 24th – Future Career Day or dress as someone famous.  Dress up in clothes that demonstrate a job you may like to have in the future or as someone famous.  Thursday Jan 25th– Animal Day- Dress up as your favourite animal or pet (wear animal ears, add a tail, a shirt with an animal on it, etc) Friday Jan 26th – Hawaiian or vacation day- Dress up like you are going on vacation.
Congratulations to Dianne Enriquez who is the lucky winner of our last Falcon Fundraiser Draw for this year. Thank you to Rafael in Grade 5 Vautour who sold the winning ticket. We appreciate your support and wish you all a very Happy Holiday Season.
GradesGrades K & 1Grades 2 & 4Grades 3 & 5
Morning Supervision7:30 - 7:507:30 - 7:507:30 - 7:50
Morning Recess Time9:30-9:509:55-10:1510:20-10:40
Lunch Outside Time11:15-11:4511:50-12:1512:15-12:40
Lunch Inside Time11:45-12:0512:15-12:4011:50-12:15